2008 - 2011

As General Manager of the ANT1 Television Network, I provided strategic operational management & financial control that delivered the succession plan for the No. 2 television network in Greece with satellite feeds to Australia, Europe, U.K., Cyprus, Canada, & the U.S. 
▸Minimized losses from the Greek economic crisis.
▸Updated and repositioned station programming and branding.
▸Drove digital transformation with the launch of an on-demand platform with world-wide, digitally aligned partner stations, and initiated Web TV in Sept 2009.
▸Judged the first 3 seasons of X Factor Greece.
▸ Won International Promax and Greek Advertising Awards. Developed a breakthrough creative strategy and television promos.
▸Introduced block programming for HBO, Fox, ABC/Disney, and Paramount series to adapt viewing commitment.
▸Secured & reintroduced a sporting content strategy to the broadcaster securing blue chip content. Negotiated bids and contracts with Formula One, UEFA Europa League and the National Basketball League.

▲ 14.7% to 18% in AUDIENCE LOYALTY & key demographic ratings.
▼ 15% Overhead Reduction.
▼ €30M Cost Reduction



2003 - 2005

Created the first independent company to embrace a 360° artist model that managed every area of an artist’s creative output.

Captured 15% market share within 3 years rising quickly to no.1 independent company status in a market dominated by local repertoire, becoming the most admired, aggressive and creative label with continuing market dominance.

Produced and judged the Star Academy/Fame Story format with 40% average and 70-75% final viewer share across 6 channels.

Secured the company’s first no.1 record in the first six months, first Greek World Music Award, and 40+ Gold/Platinum singles and albums.


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